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Alignment to Standards for OK

2 SS-2)2.3. Identify locations on a basic map, write directions for going from one location to another, and use directional indicators to describe locations on the map using both cardinal and intermediate directions.
2 SS-2)2.4. Identify basic landforms and bodies of water (e.g., plains, mountains, rivers, and gulfs), the four oceans, the seven continents, human-made features (e.g., roads and towns).
3 SS-3)2.1. Distinguish among map symbols (e.g., legend references to land, water, roads, and cities) and demonstrate through mental mapping and understanding of relative location, direction, scale, size and shape.
3 SS-3)4.2. Locate and distinguish among varying landforms and geographic features (e.g., mountains, plateaus, islands, and oceans).
4 SC-4)4:1. The processes of erosion, weathering, and sedimentation affect Earth materials
4 SS-4)3.3. Analyze how the major physical features (e.g., landforms and bodies of water) were formed and continue to change.

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