Standards for OK

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Alignment to Standards for OK

1 SS-1)4.2. Recognize that people in different parts of the world eat different foods, dress differently, speak different languages, and live in different kinds of –houses” (e.g., read and discuss childrenês literature that has characters and settings in other countr
5 SC5)1:1. Observe and measure objects, organisms and/or events using developmentally appropriate nonstandard units of measurement (e.g., hand, paper clip, book); and Systems International (SI) units (i.e., meters, centimeters, and degrees Celsius).
PK SC-PK)2.2. Develops an awareness of the properties of some objects (e.g., float-sink, heavy-light, rough-smooth, hard-soft, magnetic-nonmagnetic, solid-liquid, wet-dry).
PK SS-PK)3.2. Explores how children are unique as to languages, food, clothing, transportation, and customs.

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