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Alignment to Standards for OK

1 SC-1)1:1. Objects have properties that can be observed, described, and measured.
1 SC-1)1:2. Using the five senses, objects can be grouped or ordered by physical properties.
5 SC-5)1:1. Matter has physical properties that can be used for identification (e.g., color, texture, shape).
5 SC5)1:2. Compare and contrast similar and/or different characteristics in a given set of simple objects, familiar organisms and/or observable events.
5 SC5)2:1. Classify a set of simple objects, familiar organisms, and/or observable events by observable properties.
5 SC5)4:3. Communicate the results of a simple investigation using drawings, tables, graphs, and/or written and oral language.
K SC-K)1.1. Observe, describe, sort, and classify the sensory attributes of objects according to taste, smell, hearing, touch, and sight.
K SCK)1.1. Observe, describe, sort and classify objects according to their common properties (e.g., animals, plants, shells, rocks, buttons). ???
PK SC-PK)1.1. Develops increasing abilities to classify, compare, and contrast objects, events and experiences.
PK SC-PK)2.2. Develops an awareness of the properties of some objects (e.g., float-sink, heavy-light, rough-smooth, hard-soft, magnetic-nonmagnetic, solid-liquid, wet-dry).

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