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Alignment to Standards for OR

2 SC-2.1L.1 Compare/contrast characteristics/behaviors of plants/animals and the environments where they live.
2 SC-2.2L.1 Describe life cycles of living things.
3 SC-3.1L.1 Compare and contrast the characteristics of offspring and parents.
3 SC-3.2E.1 Identify Earth as a planet and describe its seasonal weather patterns of precipitation and temperature.
3 SC-3.2L.1 Compare and contrast the life cycles of plants and animals.
3 SC-3.4D.3 Give examples of inventions that enable scientists to observe things that are too small or too far away.
4 SC-4.2L.1 Describe the interactions of organisms and the environment where they live.
5 SC-5.2L.1 Explain the interdependence of plants, animals, and environment, and how adaptation influences survival.
5 SS.05.GE.03.03 Locate, identify, and know the significance of major mountains, rivers, and land regions of Oregon. Compare and analyze physical (e.g., landforms, vegetation, wildlife, climate, and natural hazards) and human (e.g., population, land use, language, and rel
5 SS.05.GE.04.01 major landforms, bodies of water, vegetation, and climate found in regions of the United States.
K SC-K.1L.1 Compare and contrast characteristics of plants and animals.

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