Arbordale Reviews and Testimonials


"I will never stop being amazed by the illustrators and creative minds behind Arbordale. When you receive one of their books to read to your children, the illustrations, the covers, the color and imagination - literally pop right out of the book. In fact, these books should be granted the highest honors possible for the amount of work that goes into them." - Feathered Quil Book Reviews

"I love these books and the flexibility of use. Thanks so much for a great product!
- Marjie P., Chair-IRA Teachers' Choice Committe

"I think these belong in every homeschooling family and regular classroom. When I taught third grade most of these titles would have fit right in to our classroom."
- Annette Whipple, Live, Learn, Love

"These books certainly testify to the quality of books that Arbordale publishes to open up the world of animals to children. I'm going to keep harping on them, but if you haven't yet checked out their website, you really must! There are plenty of activities available for download and use by parents and teachers on their website. They are a cracker jack publishing company and I hope you'll check them out."
- Carrie Brownwell, Reading to Know

"If Arbordale were a person, I’d be offering a bear hug right now! That’s how happy I am to see that this publisher’s science-related books have been added to Big Universe’s online bookshelves. I read one, then another, then another. All wonderful!
- Big

"No other publisher that I've seen consistantly works with authors and illustrators to prompt a love of learning in children through their use of things that children love - cuddly bears, mysterious ocean life, elephants and birds, lizards and pelicans and the list goes on and on. This publishing house seems to know that if children can connect to animals, they will connect to the lessons that the book is also trying to teach. Smart move!"
- Reading to Know

"I do love Arbordale - you just know the quality is superb AND they are always wonderful for science and math - which I just can't promote enough! Their website is a treasure-trove for teachers - Teaching activities to accompany each story, Related websites, audio readings in English and Spanish, part of the Accelerated Reader Program - I am telling you - they are WONDERFUL!"
- In the Pages

"I've reviewed several of Arbordale's books, and each time I'm amazed by how exceptional they are. If you're a child, parent, grandparent, or teacher looking for high quality, entertaining, yet highly educational books then look no further than what Arbordale has to offer. I kid you not, this company doesn't fool around. Working with only the highest caliber of authors and illustrators, you can't go wrong with any of the books they publish."
- Ready Set Read Reviews

"For quality children’s books, Arbordale is the best. Their books not only entertain, but they also educate children in an accessible and inviting manner."
Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews

"Availability of quality science books for early childhood education is improving thanks to Arbordale."

"This product is a homeschool parent's dream."
-The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"I am impressed with Arbordale, both as reader/reviewer and writer. Their site is excellent. I've also read interviews they have given and been impressed by their passion for literature and dedication to getting it right."
- The Book Chook

"The books from Arbordale Publishing are unlike others you’ve seen. Meant to be not only great stories, but educational as well, the fun picture books bring nature alive through the beautiful illustrations and encourage kids to learn, question, and think. They even offer a line of cuddly stuffed animals to match their animal stories. Some of the best books this holiday season..."
- Mom Central Online

"Arbordale is one of my favorite publishers - every book they publish is not only beautiful and of high quality, but it also is the best of the best and is backed by irrefutable facts. I LOVE to review your books!"
- Gayle Jacobson-Huset, Stories for Children Magazine

“I will say, Arbordale Books are some of the best I receive even from your "bigger" publishers!"
Jennifer Reed, Wee Ones Children’s Magazine editor

"As an elementary teacher and a strong advocate for informal science education, I really appreciate and value the quality of Arbordale Publishing books.  I would say that I will eagerly risk my reputation by promoting these books. I've seen teachers go from 0 to 95 on getting excited for the books and your resources.  These are great and what I observed in Saturn exmplifies what I value.  Science facts integrated into fiction in a picturebook format, tackling difficult topics while making teachers feel comfortable, these are what I think teachers appreciate. You guys are great!"
Patsy Side,

"I always wonder how Arbordale will surpass their last published titles. And then I look at and read the current crop and realize that they have wonderful authors, the most talented illustrators and subject matter that is both fun and informative. The end result is hard to beat."
Andrea Sisco, Armchair Interviews

"Probably one of my favorite boxes to open here at the library is from Arbordale Publishing. Thank you Arbordale - I can not tell you how much I give these books to parents AND teachers alike and ALWAYS send them to your website as well - you are REALLY leaving your mark in the education world!”
– Becky Bilby, In the Pages

"As a Librarian and as a Mom I really love these new Children's Book Titles. I love that they are both educational and enjoyable without being preachy. They don't feel like "school books" or "required reading." Instead they are fun to read before bed which is part of our nightly routine."
-Katrina, Outnumbered 3 to 1

“We were excited to check out a few of Arbordale’s newest fall titles. We loved the colorful pages and getting to read and learn more about animals. I like that both of my kids can enjoy these books – the 5 year old is challenged to learn to read them and the 9 year old to investigate and explore more through the “For Creative Minds” challenges.”


"My daughter loves animal science and the Arbordale Books with the quizzes and educational activities at the end are a big hit."
- Kristen

"Great Content is a beautifully illustrated ebook. Spanish option adds to the experience. My kids love it!"
- Storytime1

"My 4-year-old loves the read to me option and all of my kids have always loved Carolina's Story. This app is very convienient and kid friendly. It's a great little library in one place!"
- Spoofbonser

"We have used and loved Arbordale books for years with our grand-kids, knowing some of them by heart through frequent readings. I love the activities in the back, great for parents, teachers, or grandparents to easily do. The Spanish/English audible reading option is wonderful! We are thrilled we can get them on ebooks. Beautiful illustration! Wonderful, wonderful books!!! Thank you, Arbordale"
- Minnesota Gramma

"My kids love reading on the iPad and kindle, so this is a great site to have available to them. So many different stories for many ages and reading levels. The illustrations in all of the books are amazing. The website has a great chart listing titles with AR levels, etc."
- Sdstewart72

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the book for Stella....she LOVES it!  We have now read it at bedtime 3 nights in a row at her request.  She thinks the racoon drinking from the bottle is so cute...and she told me tonight that the bald eagle looks like he's saying 'thank you!'  I think this book shed a lot of light for her on what it actually means to rehabilitate a wild animal.  In the past we have talked about you and your work at WTS...but I think Stella did not know what to picture.  She really likes the idea of helping the animals and then sending them back to be with their family and friends.  At the end of the book she says...'its ok to go to a zoo or sanctuary...but I hope the animals can go back to their real home to their real family.'  She's so heartfelt about it!”
- Parent of a 5-year-old

"Now, if you've missed my Arbordale posts before, pay attention to this:

This particular publisher is kind of striking out on their own and opening up more of their books online. They are becoming much more technologically advanced in that they are providing their books as well as a myriad of resources to go along with their books, to people on the great www. (Yet they still put up with me insisting that I will only look at a book when it's in my hand. I'm determined to remain old school about this!) That said, I really think that they have done a fantastic job offering resources online for teachers and home school parents.

As a home schooler, I particularly love that they are purposefully reaching out to home school families. Check out Arbordale's website, if you haven't done so already, and you'll find all kinds of audio books, interactive quizzes, teaching activities and coloring pages to download based on their books and the animals which are featured within.

You can find similar information about each of Arbordale's titles. Really, I can't recommend this company more highly as they are working to make their books extremely accessible and beneficial to the masses. We look forward to exploring more Arbordale Publishing titles and the animal world which they open up to us! Thanks for your great efforts to delight children and help a parent out, Sylvan Dell!"
- Carrie, Mother and blogmaster of Reading to Know

"A new publisher from South Carolina, Arbordale Publishing, has as its mission to provide children with a special and unforgettable reading experience." Moreover, Sylvan's goal is to help kids learn -- and especially learn science -- through the enjoyment of reading. It's a laudible goal, and it's one that, I am pleased and grateful to say, they attain. Not only is each book engaging and the story rendered in wonderful illustrations, but each includes a "Creative Minds" section at the back with additional facts about the natural world, with suggestions for games and even fun math exercises. I can also say that each of these books contained at least one fact that I didn't know!"
- Debra Ross, proud parent and reviewer for 'Kids Out and About'

"My, but your books are a hit with the reviewers. As well they should be!"
- Andrea Sisco,

(About The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights) "...I bought it for my 8 yr old son's birthday.  He has Asperger's Syndrome and perseverates on animals. He also has a lot of anxieties. He really liked the book! The information at the end was great too!"
- Lynne

"Author Gail Langer Karwoski's inspired and award-winning new children's book [Water Beds] is, well ... dreamy! Fascinating facts about how marine mammals sleep in their ocean home are gently shared with the reader as they are taken of a drift dive through the night sea in the wonderful illustrations by Connie McLennan. A perfect bedtime story, this book is recommended for 2 to 8- year olds, but don't let that quide you - the story was completely enjoyable to my 8 and 11-year old children, as well as to me (not telling my age)!"
- Dianne Haddaway, proud parent and writer for 'About Single Parents'

(About Pieces of Another World) "Rockliff could have chosen to have Jody's father answer Jody's questions metaphorically, with fanciful imagery about fairies or American Indian gods or angels. But instead, the author stuck to science. It was probably much more difficult to integrate actual information into her rich prose, but she did so seamlessly, in an accessible way that my 4 and 6-year-old daughters grasped on the first reading, and remembered afterward. I was impressed. And, in a departure from typical children's books, the book includes a bonus "Creative Minds" nonfiction section at the back, with facts about meteors, meteor showers, and comets, plus a fun "comet cookie" activity. I now know the difference between meteors, meteoroids, and meteorites -- which, as someone who strives to be as culturally and scientifically literate as possible, I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to relearn."
- Debra Ross, proud parent and reviewer for 'Kids Out and About'

"Arbordale Publishing has created picture books that will not only entertain your children but educate them as well!...The stories are fun and easy to read in one setting. The illustrations are beautiful as well. And best of all, in the back of the book are activities and ideas for teaching math and science."
- Cindy Downes, proud parent and reviewer for

"We just LOVE Arbordale's picture books at Book Bytes for Kids!"
- Suzanne Lieurance, proud parent and radio talk show host for Book Bytes for Kids


"As far as what our students like about these books -easy! Animals! Our kids are HUGE animal lovers and they adore these titles. Also, it is a wonderful way for them to earn Accelerated Reader points in a different mode (oral fluency)"
- Leslie Haddad, Librarian, Alum Creek Elementary, WV

"The kids in my class LOVE them and use them all the time. Can't wait for the next releases!"

"This app is a great way for students to have individualized libraries right in thier hands. The books are awesome!"
- Kindergarten iPads

"We have been fans of Arbordale's interesting and educational books for years. The new eReader keeps kids engaged and is also helping to teach Spanish! A must have if you want your students to enjoy reading AND have fun learning key science and math content"
- NWeducator

"Our library just received the books that were ordered just days ago. Not only did they arrive quickly, but the price was unbelievable, the books are nicely bound, the illustrations are beautiful, and the stories were simply told and will be perfect for our elementary collection. The animals in the stories behave like animals, not people. The illustrations are accurate as far as the plants and animals. And included in each book is all the information on the book’s topic that a child would need. We are very pleased and will probably be ordering more of your books in the future! Thank you!"
- Christine C., Moomau-Grant County Public Library

"Happy New Year!  I am a Speech Language Pathologist working in Southern Alberta and just wanted to let you know that I think your website is wonderful.  I came across it after we ordered the book “Sort It Out” and I was looking for more information on the book.  I am now recommending that the teachers I work with buy your books and then use the materials on your website.  Thank you for such a great resource."
- D. Nunziato

We have a section in our library just for Arbordale Books.
- Sally N., Library Media Specialist, Taylors, SC

This product provides interactive opportunities for younger students to engage in learning of math and science through literature.  It creates a love of reading. The teacher activities guides - up to 60 pages each offer many ways to use the online interactive ebooks.  The teacher activities guides are free on the web.  A great resource for literature and learning that holds the attention of students and provide a great way to utilize interactive whiteboards in the library and classroom.
- Susan Bartle, School Library System, Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOCES, Fredonia, NY

We have been using the ebooks for several years and featured them at a parent literacy night. The ebooks have beautiful illustrations and teach science and math through literature, which for young children makes the difference between understanding and concept when it is first taught instead of the child forming a misconception of a concept in science or math. Parents have been very supportive of these books and can access them at home for their child(ren). The ebooks are a good model of a quality Internet site for children and help parents when they cannot sit down and read with their child. Activities are included with each book and each book is also in Spanish. The ebooks can be read aloud to the child and that is a valuable accommodation for students that have dyslexia.
- Marilyn Cook, H.G. Olsen Elementary, Port Aransas, TX

Science and Math Through Literature Program and Arbordale eBook Site License has made a significant impact toward the use of technology infused with instruction at our elementary school.  Teachers have enjoyed using this valuable resource during the day as well as extending the lessons to home use, encouraging the parents involvement in the evening...beyond the classroom setting.  The children benefit from this creative, stimulating and informative resource and the site deserves to be recognized for outstanding benefits provided to teachers, students and parents.  Arbordale continues to improve the site offering additional eBook selections as well as maintain communication of these updates with their customers.  Last year was our first year with the Arbordale eBook site license.  It was without reservation that I renewed our contract for the current school year.
- Debbie Celeste, Media Specialist, Huntingtown Elementary School

The Arbordale e-books have provided a wonderful resource for our on-campus learning community and our home learning community. These great illustrated books offer valuable connections to teaching standards for our teachers. Many teachers used them last year to teach and reinforce not only language arts, but also science and math curriculums. At home, we provided a link on our school website and the parents and students loved being able to share great books. This was a great way to allow access to more than 50 books, whereas our school library hard copies of books are only available two at a time. We were grateful to have the Arbordale e-books.
- Susan Tkacik, Maniscalco Elementary

Last year I was the technology facilitator at another school within our county. This school had received the resource grant. I saw firsthand how the use of the 55 e-books benefited the students and how excited they became about reading and science.
- Diane Bondurant, James W. Smith Elementary School, Cove City, North Carolina

I really enjoyed sharing Count Down to Fall with my Kindergarten classes this fall.  The on-line activities gave me some good curricular tie-ins.  I used the leaf pattern cards to make a Smartboard sorting activity.  The multiple patterns in the books helped with literacy awareness.  We were able to predict many of the patterns--and were joyfully surprised by the ending!
- Wayne Elementary School, PA

"Over the past few years I've realized that Arbordale books are reliable sources for quality education as well as valuable books."
- Patsy Side,

"Water Beds is awesome. It's beautifully written, illustrated and full of cool information. I just included it in my monthly column in the local paper for parents."
- Noreen Bernstein, Youth Services Director Williamsburg Regional Library

"Thanks so much for In Arctic Waters. I can't wait to share it with my granddaughters as well as media specialists around the state. And what a surprise to also receive Turtle Summer and Swimming Lessons! I would love to start reading now!"
- Martha Alewine, School Library Media Services Office of Technology, SC Department of Education

"Thank you for the wonderful resource on using picture books to teach core curriculum! I'm an instructor at Piedmont Virginia Community College teaching a class in Children's Literature. About half my students are planning to be teachers and I am showing them your web site and giving them copies of your educational resources and activities for the classroom. Last semester the students said they wanted more information on how to use books in the classroom and I'm trying to provide this."
- Kathy May, Piedmont Virginia Community College

"I just got back from the state reading conference and saw some great stuff. I would like to encourage you all to go see the Arbordale booth at fame. If they are not there, please let me encourage you to go to their website and order their books. They are AMAZING! I ordered all of their books and I got free shipping and 25% discount. All are hardback, beautifully illustrated with more info and activites included at the end of the story.  I’m getting 14 books for 167.44! Take a look at"
- Mary Pat Callihan, School Librarian

"I think this book has a good story that will help children understand the facts. I like the way the author talks about the habitat and what the turtles eat.  I think this is a great book for elementary school kids learning about turtles or ocean life."
- Jen Cookingham, 8th grade Teacher

"I just got [ the books] the other day and I can't keep them on the shelves. One of the best parts is the kids who borrow them are anxious to show me the information in the back. They come up to me like they've discovered gold!"
- Laurie Kempisty, elementary teacher

"As a teacher for over forty years and the author of non-fiction books that try to combine rhymes, riddles, and jokes with educational objectives, I especially appreciate the “For Creative Minds” section in the back of this [Happy Birthday to Whooo?], and all Arbordale books. The owner of the book, either a teacher or parent, can photocopy the “For Creative Minds” section or download it from the publishing company’s Web site and use it for at-home learning or in-school instruction."
- Marvin Terban, Author and Teacher, 2005 SCBWI Member of the Year

"[The students] enjoyed studying the turtle facts and playing the math games suggested at the back of [Carolina's Story]. We all found that this book helped us to think carefully about organisms, their environments, and the role that people have in helping sick and endangered animals. My students and their teacher are sure that other classes would enjoy this book as much as we did and so we enthusiastically recommend it".
-Nancy McDonough, 1st & 2nd grade teacher

"My class, old-hands at listening to nonfiction texts read aloud to them, could not wait to reread [Water Beds] independently, and they unanimously recommended it for other children to enjoy. I agree!"
- Nancy McDonough, 1st & 2nd grade teacher. 

"[Pieces of Another World] closes with the characters understanding what a meteor shower is. If readers are left wondering, they can continue to read the "Creative Minds" page where they are given more facts about meteors and are challenged to some meteor math. The author goes on to give readers five steps to a "Fantastic Meteor Watching Party" and a website to check for the best nights to see a meteor shower. This book would make a perfect book to start young minds on the road to inquiring about the night sky. Share this book with them, check the date for an upcoming shower, grab a blanket, and head out to the country. I’m sure you’ll make memories that will last forever!
- Tonya Arnold, 4th grade teacher


"I think you guys have some of the best nature books I have ever seen and I have been in the book business for 35 years. Arbordale does great work."
- Kathleen Smith, Jefferson National Parks Association

"Your books sell themselves! We always tell teachers and parents to go online and show them the activities in the back of the books. Parents especially get excited about doing things at home with their children and having safe websites to use. Keep those quality books coming our way!"
- Barb Scherry, Great Northern Book Company

"I just wanted you to know that we love your books here at the Seymour Center. We focus on marine life and your books are a wonderful new addition. My college age student staff love them too...People appreciate the extra effort you make for teachers."
- Terry, Seymour Center Ocean Discovery Shop

"I am happy to report I have yet to find another publisher whose books I have been so thrilled with! Your resources are simply incredible! I have not yet had the chance to go through everything, nor do I think I will have the time, so I am having all the available books listed on our site this week, with links to all the free resources."
- Hallie, Blue Thistle Books

"Our favorite children's books for 2005 & 2006 are Arbordale books - Waterbeds, Sleeping in the Ocean and Tudley Didn't Know. They already have six titles this year that are fantastic. I don't know which I like the best - maybe ABC Safari."
-Fran Bush, Booklovers Bookstore

"These books are so cute and the illustrations are wonderful. The children love them."
-Joyce DeBroux, Reader's Book Emporium

"I really like the books that Arbordale publishes and the Parrot book is my favorite (and my daughter - who is almost 5 loves it too - she requests we read it to her all the time).  I'm glad to see you have another book coming out in 2007 - I look forward to seeing it!
- Jennifer Wills Geraedts, Sister Wolf Books

"I am becoming a huge fan of Arbordale Publishing...they don't follow a pat format with their choices. They always include excellent Creative Minds sections that follow up the story with educational information, games and crafts. These are books that should be used in schools and at home."
- Jan Warner-Poole, Storyteller Books

"[One Odd Day is] An inventive and offbeat yarn about a day when all the even numbers disappear and only odd things can be found. Kids will groove on the cute rhymes and bright illustrations of the odd twists that occur on this unique school day, and they'll certainly know what odd and even numbers are after reading this fun picture book.
" - Rich Rennicks, Malaprop's Bookstore/Cafe

eBooks / Site License

I teach students who struggle in learning to read. Because most of my students have higher level language skills and are very articulate orally, I have found that using Arbordale’s ebooks with audio and word highlighting to be effective in that the students can be introduced to text that they may not be able to read yet but can comprehend. Students can read text at grade level or beyond using ebooks. When using ebooks the text is highlighted, and students use two modalities, visual and auditory so the students are "eye" and "ear" reading. The ebooks also provide a model for reading aloud and the students can develop their listening skills. I have also been very involved in the science-teacher community here in Texas and love that the books introduce or supplement science or math to expand students’ knowledge of those subjects and the related vocabulary as they are learning to read. Because of the focus on science, math and geography students expand their knowledge in those areas. These ebooks have corresponding activities to increase creative thinking and teaching activities that are easy to implement. I have even taken these ebooks and used the activities to a barrier island in Alaska for a summer science project. I have found that most of the students' interest are in nonfiction and these books are of high interest to them!

I use ebooks to provide the families at home a way to help their student(s) do independent reading (in English or Spanish) and a way to have access to books 24/7. This was helpful when our community was hit by a category 4 storm and families were evacuated. The families had the logins necessary to continue reading and discussing ideas! As one of my students said when I asked her reason for reading and learning to read she replied, "So I can read the Arbordale ebooks!"
- Marilyn Cook, Port Aransas, TX Read Coach and Science Teachers

We have carried a subscription to Arbordale Publishing's digital collection for several years. Our students and teachers love accessing the large selection of non-fiction resources available from any device in our school. Our teachers often use the science related sources, including the extension activities at the back of each book, to enhance content related to their curriculum. They love having the option to have some books read aloud. Our 1st graders even did an author study of author Jennifer Keats Curtis, thanks to the many offerings that Arbordale offers from her. The study led to a culminating Skype visit, which was awesome! I would highly recommend a purchase of this very affordable, high-quality subscription service.
- Elizabeth Long, Library Media Specialist at Doby’s Mill Elementary (SC) M

My ELL students have different levels of literacy and proficiency in English, so it is wonderful to be able to use these books across all levels while promoting oral and reading fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary through literature.
- Teacher, Eli Whitney School, CT

Arbordale Publishing’s online ebooks have become a valuable, very popular resource at our school. Teacher’s use them daily in large group study and individual students throughout the school can be seen “reading” online with netbooks or laptops. Our students have embraced this technology 300% and we have seen a huge increase in students just reading for “fun.” Parents and teachers have also commented that SylvanDell’s emphasis on science has been a big factor in getting their boys to read. Kudos to them! Their material has truly made a difference at our school!
- Elizabeth H Keating., Leawood Elementary School, School Librarian

We are implementing a Spanish Language Lab at our charter school for the 2010/11 school year.  We knew it was an important piece - to bring the technology and Spanish together - but struggled with the prospect of actually carrying it out.  The Arbordale eBook Site License is the answer - it brings together both the technology and Spanish in a vibrant, easy-to-deliver, engaging environment for our students.  LOVE it!
- Carol Tracy, Beacon Academy, Maple Grove, MN

I wish I had recorded their responses for they were priceless. Such excitement!   I am imagining if the weather follows the predictions for Western PA we may see quite a few additional'hits' for this site on this long weekend.   The kids do think I am a magician, for a first grader just asked me where she could sign out the newstories! Rest assured that I will be writing another grant or somehow getting an allocation to get these terrific titles into student hands! Our principal told me that one child asked for a bedtime story, "not from you mom, but from online...
- Jan Spohn, Reading Specialist, Peebles Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

Thank you very much for awarding my school this site liscense.  This is an awesome resource that will be used and appreciated by all our students and staff.
- Darcy Nickel, Denver Elementary

Wow! What a resource! Those eBooks are beautiful and are great teaching material. Thanks so much for working with me and for providing these great resources for schools-both home and public!
- LaDonna Harris, Mother

THANK YOU sooo much! I am thrilled and I know my fellow teachers will be as well! This is such a wonderful thing, thank you for providing this!
- Cindy Alpers, Oakview Elementary School, Simpsonville, S.C.

I am writing in the name of our Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers to thank you for granting us the free site license for the Arbordale e-books! We LOVE them!! We read them aloud, in groups, use the books with our interactive white boards, and use the text to learn math and science in a fun, 21st Century manner. Teachers love the Arbordale e-books because they are interactive, colorful, and belong to the rare "high literary quality" breed. Our students don’t even realize they are learning math and science while reading the books! We truly believe that Arbordale gets it! Getting children excited about reading, while turning each story into cross-curriculum expedition is an effective way to reach our 21st Century students. Thank you for creating such an outstanding product! Thank you for allowing us to test it for a full year, and thank you for helping us teach our students with this state-of-the-art product! We LOVE Arbordale!
- Adina Popa, The Steuart Weller Elementary, Ashburn, VA

The Resource Grant will make a huge difference for Carrboro Elementary School.  We are a dual language school and a Title I school, and your ebooks look like they were just made for us.  Ever since Craig emailed me telling me about the grant, I have used the ebooks every day in science or math or literacy.  The books and the illustrations are wonderful.  They have been especially helpful in teaching note taking and summarizing to my first graders and that may be a use you have not considered for the books.  Also, many of my students will be able to share the books with their families at home.  One thing I really like about them is that both my low students and my high students love the books. I will be your biggest backer.
- Kitty Heller, Carrboro Elementary School, NC

I just have to say that I am totally crazy about the auto-flip mode *grin*. You select the book you want, the language you want it read in and click on auto-flip and it reads the book to your child! Not that I think it's great that I don't have to read anymore *wink* but from a multi-tasking perspective when you have different aged children learning at home this could be a wonderful tool to use during times when you need to do a little one on one work with a different child. You can set the little ones up with the story book to listen to while you tackle some hard math equations with another child :)
- Huber Hof Academy.

We plan to use these ebooks to supplement our current math and science curriculum. We also plan to make these books available to our Gifted and Talented students to enrich thier educational experience. We are also looking forward to discovering many other uses for these books. We are very excited to have this experience.
-Tina Limerand, Media Specialist, Magazine Elem, Magazine, AR

I have purchased books from Arbordale for my personal classroom use, and have been very impressed with the quality of the materials. I hope to be able to offer the opportunity to other teachers at my site to use the online e-book feature to enhace all of our science and math resources.
- Teresa Wilson, 3rd Grade Teacher, Desert Harbor Elem, Peoria, AZ

I plan on making it available to all my classroom teachers K-6 (42 teachers) to supplement primarily their Science and ELD instruction. I would also like to incorporate it into a parent ESL class we also have on campus.
- Isel Taylor, Principal, Washington Elem, Bellflower, CA

We will use these books to help meet the new standards being implemented in science and math over the next couple of years. We will be a laptop school with the hopes of eventually having computers for every student. We will also be using Accelerated Reader and these ebooks can be a big part of that particular program. We are developing a leveled book room and using ebooks for our guided reading program will help add a new dimension to the classroom reading programs. As the media specialist, I would be willing to provide workshops for teachers and parents to help highlight the additional resources available on the Web site and to develop strategies on how to use this resource to influence our students knowledge in the areas of math and science.
- Melanie Tahan, Media Specialist, Liberty Pines Academy, St Augustine, FL

As a Reading First school we are always looking for ways to supplement the reading program with materials to support and enhance science and math for our readers. Students will be able to access this during the reading block at center time, teachers will build background knowledge and vocabulary for reading science themes using the smartboards, students will access ebooks in the computer lab, and at home.
-Donna Ware, Literacy Coach, Whitehead Elem, Athens, GA

I can see these being used as reading support and enrichment, science interest centers, ELL support, literature appreciation/LMC.
-Barbara Ungar, Library Media Director, Central Elem, Wilmette, IL

Supplement science, math and reading. Computer lab resource, Special ed, ESL, integration in all subject areas. What a great resource! Thank you!
- Vickie Hall, Teacher, Lincoln, Elem, Ottawa, KS

Before school starts, all of our children Pre-K through 3rd grade meet in our multipurpose room. Our multipurpose room has a projection screen and sound system. This would be perfect for all grades to listen and watch good literacy and numeracy at the same time.
- Vicki Testa, Literacy Coach, Zwolle Elem, Zwolle, LA

To help the students with Science and math as well as reading. This will also help with Spanish classes as well as my ESL students.
- Victoria Wheller, Elementary Teacher, Casa De Los Ninos, Blue Springs, MO

This year we are focusing on intergrating our themes of study around the North Carolina standard course of study for science and social studies. This technology will help teachers and students access exciting book for research and project based learning at every level.
- Sandra Wilcher, Principal, Covington Street Elem, Laurinburg, NC

We are starting a balanced literacy reading approach in September and these would be great to use with the students. Our ESL teacher could use these with her students and families to use at home to help learn how to read in English. The library media specialist will also add these interactive books to her collection to use in the library or for individual teachers to use in their classrooms.
- Robyn Toledo, 2nd Grade Teacher, Samuel R. Donald School, Bloomington, NJ

The format of the books provides access to incorporating technology into learning activities for both our English and Spanish speaking students. Thank you for providing an opportunity to experience this learning experience.
- Victoria Bradley, SLMS; Bedford Hills Elem, Bedford Hills, NY

We have a growing number of students who are reluctant readers,economically disadvantaged and special education students. We have tried books on tape, graphic novels and other avenues to hook these students into developing a deeper appreciation of reading which would in turn, increase their literacy skills. Although there is one reading test per grade level, we also have math, science and social studies tests at this grade level. Not only do these students need to know the content information for those subjects, they need stronger reading skills. This opportunity for ebooks will enhance their interest in reading, strengthen the school-home connection, and empower our teachers in their instructional programs. This is such a tremendous opportunity for schools. We look forward to being a part of this grant and are willing to submit results for the research. Thank you!
- Al Meriweather, Principal, Whitaker Elem, Cincinnati, OH

All our students have access to computers in the classroom, library, and through lap top use. This school has a reading requirement which focuses on in and out of school reading. Students participate in book clubs both before and after school to assist them in meeting their reading goals. The grant would ensure all students have access to appropriate materials in a way that would make even better use of our cutting edge technology. We already encourage our students to take advantage of educational technology at home by using "Study Island", so access to your books at student homes would be highly encouraged and heavily used.
- Dr. Margaret Schaffer, Principal, Shohola Elementary School, Shohola, PA

This will be introduced to all faculty/staff members during a staff development meeting prior to the arrival of students for the new school year... Teachers will work together in planning groups to develop hands-on, interactive lessons that center around the themes and concepts of the books utilized. In addtion to this, students will be allowed to access these books during literacy workstation/center time in their classrooms. Our media specialist will support classroom teachers by maintaining a section of our library with these books that are available for students, teachers, and parents to check out for further use. We will introduce this program to parents as early in our school year as possible (at our back-to-school night, or our first PTO meeting), and follow this up with a letter to parents giving them the information that they will need to access this from home with their children... I have shared the e-mail address for your site, along with some of the information there, with faculty members during a meeting by using the smart board in our media center so that they could see for themselves how wonderful, useful, and easy to employ it is.
- Tammy Taylor, First Grade Teacher, Goose Creek, SC

I fully integrate all the subjects when I teach... I see these books as a great bridge for good science content in ESL, and differentation for each student. We need to teach great content, and not let ability or language be a problem. I would let this program be an engaging activity for the content of reading and science. It would also become an activity for small group investigation and nonfiction reading. It would become a home activity as well... I have years of experience in grades K-4 science lab. These students today come with all levels of abitlity... My goal is to make science a part of their lives, not a seperate subject. Your books are very friendly and informative. I think with the use of technology and the smart boards in classrooms being important, these books will just make teaching so much easier. The time we have to teach is a high priority, and this integrates into several TEKS for integration so well, it will be like teaching smarter, not harder. The kids will eat this stuff up, and retain it longer. That is our goal!
- Diana Murray, Teacher, Morris Fifth Grade Center, Houston, TX

This would be a wonderful tool to enhance learning in our school that is struggling to bring up the reading scores of our students.
- Debbie Teague, Media Specialist, Holladay Elem, Richmond, VA

"As soon as I looked at the app, I felt in love with it right away...What I like the most is the additional teaching/learning materials attached to each book.  At the end of each book, you can find 4-6 pages of activity print outs and guides.  For example, for the book Baby Owl’s Rescue, you will get a nice printout of facts about owls, matching game and sequence games based on facts kids learned about owls.  There are also lists of pre-read and post-read questions and activities.  All these additional materials make it a perfect book app for summer reading.  It will be a great help for parents who want their kids read throughout the summer, but don’t have time to design the reading activities to keep the kids engaged or to test out how much they understand the materials."
- iGame Mom


"I liked practicing adding the numbers of the animals together. It got kind of hard at the end but it was fun! I liked learning the names of the baby animals; like that elephant babies are called calves. My favorite pictures were the ones of the snakes and bears. The matching game at the end was fun too!"
- What's New at the Zoo?, Reviewed by Cayden (age 5) for Reader Views (7/09)

"I really liked this book about animals. I loved the drawing of the cute little animals. My favorite part of the story is when the kids’ bed is in the middle of a pond with frogs and fish jumping all around them. The boy even got his pajamas wet! And there was a frog in their dresser drawer! At the end of the story there are some games to play, I almost got every answer right. I learned a lot from “Paws, Claws, Hands, and Feet” about how different animals use their hands, feet, claws and paws. I can pick-up a marker with my toes!"
- Paws, Claws, Hands, and Feet, Reviewed by Sophia (age 6) for Reader Views (5/09)

“Where Should Turtle Be?” is the story of a baby sea turtle who takes a wrong turn on the way to the ocean. He finds himself in a variety of places that suit other kinds of turtles but just aren’t right for him. Where does he belong? Cayden: “My favorite part of the book was when he found out where he belonged. I liked learning about where all of the other kinds of turtles live though. I’ve seen painted turtles before, but not any of the other kinds in the book. I liked reading about them though. The games at the end of the book were fun too!” Max: “The turtle was lost! I liked when he came out of his nest and I liked the sign that said his nest was there. I liked the bear that tried to help him.”
- Where Should Turtle Be?, Reviewed by Cayden (age 4 ½) and Max (age 2 ½) Aures and Mom for Reader Views (6/09)

"This book will teach people a lot about animals from Australia.  I learned about unusual mammals like marsupials and monotremes.  There are even some activities about animals in the back of the book.  I really like the pictures because they were funny and kind of realistic. I would recommend “Kersplatypus” by Susan K. Mitchell to people who like animals."
- Kersplatypus, Reviewed by Evan (age 6) for Reader Views (12/08)

Dear Mrs. Curtis,
Your book is really cool. You are a good writer. I really liked Baby Owl Rescue. ~From, Cameron
The little boy in Baby Owl Rescue looks like Mrs. Dabrowka's son. It was a good book. I thought it was funny when the fireman played catch at the end. ~From, Thomas
I really liked your book Baby Owl Rescue.  The pictures are really good.  The book is super good.  The owls and the story were really cool. ~From, Hunter
I really enjoyed your book.  I thought the story was awesome.  I really liked the whole story of the owls. ~From, Cole
I think Baby Owl Rescue is the best book in the world. I thought Max looked like Ian, Mrs. Dabrowka's son.  The story is fantastic! ~From, Dylan
- Baby Owl's Rescue, From Gibson Island Country School students