Fearless! Stunt People

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Fearless! Stunt People
Stunt performers make dangerous feats look fun and easy, but there is a lot of risk behind this profession. Explore what stunt people do to prepare and keep themselves safe in a truly unique profession. Through Time For Kids© content, readers will be introduced to a brief history of stunt performance as well as the latest tips and tricks, including stunt driving, professional fighting, and even digital effects such as computer-generated imagery. With thrilling language and stunning images in conjunction with informational text and an interview with a real-life stunt-man, readers are sure to be fascinated and stimulated from cover to cover! This book also includes text features such as a table of contents, glossary, and index, as well as resources such as a bibliography and a list of websites for learning more about this fascinating career.

Written by Jessica Cohn
8x5.25, Ages 9 - 13, Grades 4 - 7
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