I am Hatzegopteryx

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I am Hatzegopteryx
Can you imagine swooping through the air like Hatzegopteryx, a giant of the ancient skies? Hatzegopteryx (hatz-eh-GOP-ter-iks) was one of the largest pterosaurs that ever lived; about the size of a small airplane. I am Hatzegopteryx, the second book in Arbordale Publishing’s I am Prehistoric series, gives children a glimpse into the life of the awesome Hatzegopteryx, from tiny chick to majestic winged predator, and how it made its living. Unlike many pterosaurs, this one was a terrestrial carnivore, spending its time hunting prey on land. Just like today’s animals, prehistoric creatures had adaptations and behaviors that helped them survive in their habitat—a environment that was in some ways quite different from what we see around us today.

Written by Timothy Bradley
32 pg, 8.5X10, Ages 3-7, Grades PK-1, Lexile: BR 240, F&P: G
Keywords:   prehistoric animals, pterosaurs, Hatzegopteryx, Quetzalcoatlus, physical adaptations
Animals in the book:   Hatzegopteryx, Quetzalcoatlus

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Author/Illustrator Info:

It's said that people know the most about dinosaurs when they are 4 years old or have a 4-year-old child—unless they get a degree in paleontology! Author and illustrator Timothy J. Bradley might be the exception to this rule with his paleontology related books and illustrations. In addition to I am Hatzegopteryx, Tim also wrote and illustrated I am Allosaurus for Arbordale. Tim's books have earned awards and accolades from reviewers including The Horn Book, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist. To learn more about Tim's other books, visit his website at www.timjbradley.com.


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