Natural or Man-Made? A Compare and Contrast Book

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Natural or Man-Made? A Compare and Contrast Book
Trees give us yummy apples but also help us build houses. One of these is natural, the other man-made. Can you identify the natural resource? In this edition of The Compare and Contrast Book series, we investigate common items around us and how natural materials are made into tools, toys, and even electricity. After exploring dozens of photos, readers will be a pro at identifying ways we use natural resources from plants, animals, and elements below the Earth’s surface.

Written by Arbordale Publishing
32 pg, 8.5 x 10, Ages 4-8, Grades K-3, Lexile: 760, F&P: N
Paperback 9781643518244 $10.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781638170792 $11.95  
EBook 9781643518664 Purchase Here
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Vetters:   Thanks to Chip Lindsey, Senior Director of Education at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, for verifying the accuracy of the information in this book.

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The text is level and unbiased, but comparative photographs are particularly effective in showing how animals become the meat we consume. - Booklist

"Opening with an explanation of natural resources, Natural or Man-made? uses straightforward writing to explain natural resources and how we use those resources to create other resources. A tree, for instance, grows food, like nuts and fruits; we also use trees to make lumber, and build homes with them. We use plants and animals for clothing and food; we use sunlight and air by converting it to energy. Thought-provoking questions and color photos encourage readers to think about the different ways we use our natural resources." - Mom Read It

Author/Illustrator Info:

Arbordale creates science and math-themed picture books that engage readers to think about the world around them. Readers are immersed in learning as they explore creative language, interactive questions, and bright photography. Whether reading for pleasure or in a classroom, Arbordale books are designed to be fascinating for inquiring children.


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