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Sorry, but that trial code has expired.

If you are interested in further access to our Arbordale eBooks, please call (877-243-3457), email us, and/or visit our

       Site License and Personal eLibrary Information Page.

We very much appreciate your interest in Arbordale and hope that you and the children have enjoyed the eBook trial access.

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We are very excited to offer some of the most technologically advanced eBooks in the world today that read-aloud in English and Spanish and with word highlighting and audio speed controls. Whether in Play with auto advance or Manual Mode playing one page at a time, user can switch back and forth between languages (English or Spanish and more language choices are on the way) and remain on the same page!! With the recent addition of word highlighting and audio speed control, these are powerful reading literacy and language learning tools to complement our mission of Science and Math Through Literature. We think and hope you'll find the new eBooks intuitive but we have also put together the following short tutorial to assist, if needed:

Click to view a functioning eBook site License with 13-pg previews of each title

eBook Operating Instructions

Don't hesitate to call if you'd like a quick walk-through by phone. Please enjoy and we welcome your comments.

Tips to optimize eBook viewing:

  • We recommend pressing F11 to cause your browser to show the page as full screen.

  • Before showing the eBooks, we recommend opening the respective book's homepage to see the Questions to ask before and after reading the book (found in the Teaching Activities) and click through the For Creative Minds section and the 3 interactive quizzes.

  • There is a learning curve, and teachers should play with the eBooks and get comfortable before showing to a classroom of anxious children.

  • Please call if you are having any difficulty: 877-243-3457.

We are continuing to develop new technologies to enhance quality and functionality of our eBooks. Here are some of the improvements we are working on:

  • We want Moms, Dads, Grandparents and the children to be able to record a reading of our books and add that audio to the Language Selection list ... coming soon!

  • We are developing an iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch app so that our eBooks will be available on handhelds and these will feature the ability to record a reading of our books and add that audio to the Language Selection list ... coming soon!

  • Option for early readers to have an audible signal after a page is read to indicate that it is time to turn the page

  • We would like the option of having words highlight as they are read

If you have additional feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts!

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