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2016 Spring Set
7 eBooks (90 mb): Been There, Done That: Reading Animal Signs; Cash Kat, Mammals: A Compare and Contrast Book; Midnight Madness at the Zoo; Once Upon an Elephant; Sharks and Dolphins: A Compare and Contrast Book, Tornado Tamer
When Cole and Helena hike to find animals in the forest they don’t spot a single creature but they do find signs of life. Who had been there, who had done that? Gram and Kat put their hats on for the park cleanup day. Throughout the day the pair collects coins and Kat learns to add money, and soon there is enough for…ICE CREAM! Some mammals live on land and others swim in the sea. Find out what makes this class of animals so diverse while comparing their traits. As the zoo closes for the night the dribbling begins and soon the basketball game is in full swing. Count along as the team builds from one to a full court of ten! Imagine an African savanna if elephants were only a memory from “once upon a time.” What would happen to all the plants and animals that rely on the elephants for their own survival? Although sharks and dolphins may look similar they are actually very different types of animals. Author Kevin Kurtz guides readers through the differences and similarities through simple nonfiction text. A town plagued by tornadoes needs help! Travis the tornado tamer comes into town with a plan. With tornado season on the horizon, will his invisible cover save their homes?
7Hardcover Books9781628558883125.65
7eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816285589061-Yr:34.95Life:91.20
7eBooks - Site License97816285589061-Yr:140.00Life:350.00

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