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2018 Fall Set
Join Braden, Finley and wildlife biologists 
tracking and tagging mamma bears during 
the winter. Come summer, can they get 
the momas to adopt orphaned cubs? Share the dreams of a bright 
future for endangered cheetahs. 
This rhythmic text will lull readers 
into cheetah dreams of their own. Come along on a journey 
through the aquatic habitat 
of a forested wetland. Meet 
a wide variety of animals 
that call the soggy forest home. How can King Lion judge 
the fastest animal? The 
fastest sprinter on land 
may not out run a long-
distance runner. What 
about swimmers or flyers?
4Hardcover Books978164351545871.80
4eBooks - Personal eLibrary97816435154721-Yr:32.00Life:64.15
4eBooks - Site License97816435154721-Yr:120.00Life:600.00

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