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2019 Spring Set
Noses come in all kinds of 
shapes and sizes that are 
just right for its particular 
animal host. This is the 
latest in Holland’s Animal 
Anatomy and Adaptation 
series. Of course, mummies can’t talk;
but with modern scientific tools,
we can still discover what human
and animal mummies have to tell us. Colo cougar uses his long tail 
to balance but Ruff bobcat has 
a short tail. The two explore 
tails worn by other animals. Follow Tri-State Bird Rescue 
& Research’s Oiled Wildlife 
Response Team to save oiled 
animals. Can the animals be 
cleaned and released back 
into the wild?
4Hardcover Books
4eBooks - Personal eLibraryIESpring19EN1-Yr:32.00Life:64.15
4eBooks - Site LicenseIESpring19EN1-Yr:120.00Life:600.00

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