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2020 Fall Set
 And That’s the Tooth delivers unique 
and fun facts about animal and human 
teeth through engaging riddles. This sequel to Mary Holland’s
Animal Anatomy and Adaptations
series explores digging, spinning, 
building, and burrowing as a variety 
of animals make a place of their own. When a young river otter sneaks 
into a zoo, she wonders if she 
should be more like some of the 
other animals she meets. Weather changes daily. 
By asking simple questions, 
children become engaged 
and can start to observe and 
make correlations about the 
weather around them.
4Hardcover Books
4eBooks - Personal eLibraryIEFall20EN1-Yr:32.00Life:64.15
4eBooks - Site LicenseIEFall20EN1-Yr:120.00Life:600.00

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