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2020 Spring Set
While we may not often see 
animals, we can see signs 
that they’ve been there from 
footprints (tracks) to chewed 
or scratched bark, homes or 
even poop and pee (traces). How do you tell if creek water 
is clean and healthy? Join
Lucas and his sister as they
look for certain kinds of stream 
bugs that need clean, unpolluted 
water to survive. What was it like to live as a 
dinosaur? Young readers 
discover that dinosaur lives had 
many similarities to present-day 
animals: they hatched, ran, hunted, 
hid from predators.
3Hardcover Books
3eBooks - Personal eLibraryIESpring20EN1-Yr:24.00Life:48.10
3eBooks - Site LicenseIESpring20EN1-Yr:90.00Life:450.00

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