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Now all the great things you love about Arbordale books and their supplemental resources are available in one spot on the iPad. Covering science and math subjects through real picture books, children will find fun stories that align with fun educational sections in the back of each book. Our "For Creative Minds" section presents amazing facts about strange animals, faraway places, earth, space, science, and even math concepts.


- View 14-page previews of all 99 titles

- ebooks stream from the cloud (default). For slower internet or during travel, download to your ipad.

- eBooks feature Read-to-Me / Read-to-Myself, Auto Play, and English / Spanish selection on the fly.

- From inside each eBook, click the "More.." button to access each title's 30-40 page Teaching Activity, 3 Interactive Quizzes, Links to Related Websites, and Trailers.

- Search & Sort. Search by title, author, keywords, animals in the book. Sort by Common Core, Science Subjects, and Reading Levels.

- Set Language default (on My Account page - select English or Spanish)

- Download, Uninstall, and Buy Me options on the Manage eBooks page (via My Account page).

- View Usage Data. iPad usage is synched with web/computer accesses

- Easy (optional) Registration for (1) New Users, (2) Existing Personal eLibrary customers, (3) existing School & Library eBook Site License members.

- In-App purchase with AppleID and password.

- In addition to iPad viewing, purchased eBooks will also play on all computers, and non-flash mobile devices. (New Users do not have to register but not registering limits eBook access to the iPad and precludes computer and other device access.)


eBook operation. eBooks open full screen in 'Read-to-Myself', 'Manual Play', 'English' mode. To hear audio, press either the play button or 'Read-to-Me'. For quiet press 'Read-to-Myself.' Press 'Spanish' or 'English' to switch languages anytime whether in Manual Mode or Auto Play. In Manual Mode, pages advance and go back by page drag, tap, flick, or press the arrows. To start 'Auto-Play' from any page, press the 'Auto Play' button (little triangle) on the right side of the eBook navigation bar. The checkerblock button on the right opens the filmstrip so you can scroll and quickly navigate to new pages. Tap the ebook mid-page to display or hide the eBook navigation bar.

Cloud and Download operation. eBooks play via the internet by cloud streaming but you also have the option to download. To play via cloud, just register the app and when you go to the eBook page, all eBooks that have been purchased are ready to play with cloud streaming as the default. If your internet connection is running slow or you are traveling, you can download the eBooks to your iPad. To download, go to "My Account" page and from there "Manage eBooks" page. Once an eBook is downloaded, the App plays downloaded versions regardless of cloud access.

Purchase eBooks. (1) Through the eBook previews (with the red preview stripe), or (2) Through the My Account page, click the orange 'Manage eBooks' buttons then select either individual eBooks or the eight Multi-eBook groupings (which together comprise our "All-Title Set").

Indications of purchase: (1) eBooks not purchased are displayed with a red preview stripe and when clicked, open a 14-page eBook preview rather than the full eBook. After purchase, the red preview stripe disappears. (2) MyAccount page shows the number of eBooks purchased with a dropdown listing; (3) On the "Manage eBooks" page, eBooks not purchased are shown with a blue "Buy Now" button; eBooks that have been purchased are shown with a green "Download" button.

Download eBooks. Download either individual eBooks or the eight Multi-eBook groupings. Go to the My Account page, click the orange "Manage eBooks" button. Purchased eBooks or Multi-eBook groupings will have green 'Download' buttons to the right. Press any green "Download" button to start a download.

Indication of Download. (1) On the eBook page, a green check is displayed under eBooks that have been downloaded, (2) MyAccount page shows the number of eBooks downloaded with a dropdown listing, (3) Manage eBooks page buttons change from green "Download" to red "Uninstall."

Remove Downloaded eBooks from iPad memory. If you want to remove a downloaded eBook or Multi-eBook group, just press the red "Uninstall" buttons and the eBooks are instantly removed. Uninstalled eBooks remain available for cloud viewing.

Browsed Pages. The "eBook page" and the "MyAccount page" are internal to the App. All other pages (Quizzes, Teaching Activities, Reading Levels, Usage Data, etc.) are web based and require that your iPad be connected to the internet. Once browsing, to return to the eBooks, tap the "Close" button, then "eBooks".

Frequently Asked Questions

I have installed the Fun eReader App, what does the registration mean? The first time the App is opened, it asks you if you wish to register (which we recommend). There are initially two Registration access types: New to Arbordale or Existing Customers. (1) New users sign-up with name, email and password (in an orange box) and they have the option of continuing without registration. (2) Existing Arbordale customers breakdown into two sub-types, either: Personal eLibrary users (individuals) or eBook Site License users (accessing through a school or library account). (2a) Personal eLibrary users log in with their existing online account (enter account email and password in the green box). (2b) School or public library users login using the 6-digit site code provided by your school or library (enter code in the red box).

If I choose to continue without registering, what is the downside? Can I still buy and view eBooks? The downside of not registering is that you will only be able to play purchased eBooks on your iPad and will not be able to access eBooks on computers and flash capable devices. We recommend that you register because that creates a Arbordale account which then allows you to login to our website and access your eBooks on computers and other devices. If you do not register, you can still buy eBooks but only to view on your iPad. The purchase itself is through the In-App store using your AppleID and your iTunes account just as you would had you registered.

I registered as a New User but have logged out. How do I log back in? If you ever logout and want to log back in, you'll need to log back in as a Personal eLibrary user. Your initial sign-up created a Arbordale user account establishing you as an existing customer and you are no longer "New to Arbordale". When the pop-up asks, "are you New to Arbordale or an existing user?", choose existing user then login to your "Personal eLibrary" using your account email and password (in the green box).

How can I see which books I have purchased? 3 ways: (1) purchased eBooks are displayed on the eBook page as cover images. eBooks not purchased will display with a red preview stripe across the lower right corner. (2) on the MyAccount page there is a counter displaying the number of eBooks purchased with a dropdown listing of the specific titles, (3) on the Manage eBooks page purchased eBooks are shown with either a green "Download" or a red "Uninstall" button. eBooks not purchased will have a blue "Buy Now" button.

We love the books but they feel sluggish and the blue loading page keeps coming up. what should I do? That indicates that your internet speed may not be high enough for cloud streaming which is the default mode for the Fun eReader. If your eBooks are bogging down, download the eBooks to your iPad for local play. That solves the sluggish eBook problem and is also great s if you are traveling without internet connection. As internet speeds improve, or if you are getting low on iPad memory, you can always "Uninstall" the eBook which reverts back to cloud streaming.

How can I see which books I have downloaded? 3 ways: (1) downloads are displayed on the eBook page with a green checkmark underneath, (2) on the MyAccount page there is a counter displaying the number of eBooks downloaded with a dropdown listing of the specific titles, (3) on the Manage eBooks page downloads are shown with a red "Uninstall" button. If your iPad is getting low on memory, you can uninstall it.

What does the red "Uninstall" button mean on the Manage eBooks page? Will I still be able to play my purchased eBooks after Uninstalling? Yes, you can still play purchased eBooks. By Uninstall, we really mean Un-download, if you will. when you press Uninstall, the downloaded eBook file is removed from iPad memory but the Fun eReader knows that you have purchased the eBook and will revert to playing the eBook by cloud streaming (which is its default).

I can’t find the Arbordale App on my iPhone or iPod? The app is currently only available for the iPad but we are working on it.

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