Dino Tracks
Step back in time and follow dinosaur tracks around the world. Whether made by a few dinosaurs or large groups, these tracks provide clues to the movement and behavior of these lovable ancient creatures. What dinosaurs made the tracks and what do scientists think they were doing when they made them? The author tells the story in rhythmic rhyme that may be sung to the tune of Over the River and Through the Woods.

Written by Rhonda Lucas Donald
Illustrated by Cathy Morrison

32 pg, 10 X 8.5, Ages 4-8, Grades PK-3
Lexile: 700
Hardcover 9781607186199 $17.95  
Paperback 9781607186311 $9.95  
Spanish Paperback 9781628553444 $9.95  
EBook 9781607186670 $6.95  
Spanish EBook 9781628551648 $6.95  
Keywords:   earth systems, human activity, fossils, tracks, dinosaurs, earth science, scientists, rhyme and rhythm, map, dinosaur scientists-jobs
Animals in the book:   dinosaur
Vetters:   Thanks to Jeffrey A. Wilson, Associate Professor, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences and Associate Curator, Museum of Paleontology at the University of Michigan, for verifying the information in this book.

"...Helpful facts and explanations are buried within the text. The dinosaurs are colorful and even feathered, yet the text references fictional Jurassic Park..."
School Library Journal

The book is written in rhymes so I had fun reading book it was like dino poem mystery although I had my mom read book quite a few times before I fully understand it. I loved all kind of dinosaurs pictures in book,they demonstrates what would have happened. My mommy made us guess first and then she read the page and it was kind of fun game to see whether we were right or not and most of the time we were. At the end of the book they have fun facts about dinosaurs which I love like largest dinosaur was as long as four school buses. I love being dino detective after reading this book." Reviewed by Shriya, Age 5
Kids Book Review

Author/Illustrator Info:

Award-winning author Rhonda Lucas Donald has written more than a dozen books for children and teachers, including the prequel to Dino Treasures, Dino Tracks. Her recent book Deep in the Desert, won the silver medal in the 2011 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, National Science Teachers Association, and the Cat Writers Association. Rhonda and her husband share their Virginia home with their dogs, Maggie and Lily, and their very dignified cats, Darwin and Huxley. Visit her website at browntabby.com.

Cathy Morrison may have started her art career in animation but she soon fell in love with illustrating children’s books and has been doing so for 20 years. Cathy has illustrated Daisylocks, Nature Recycles: How About You?, Three Little Beavers, Animalogy: Animal Analogies, Dino Tracks, and Dino Treasures for Arbordale. Other titles Cathy has illustrated include Ignacio’s Chair, and the Young Patriots Series including Alexander Hamilton, Young Statesman; Frederick Douglass, Young Defender of Human Rights; and Juliette Low, Girl Scout Founder. Cathy works from her home overlooking a beautiful view of the Mummy Range, on the northern side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Check out Cathy’s blog at www.cathymorrison.blogspot.com.


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