A Season of Discovery

The Compare and Contrast Book series is growing this fall!

Learn a bit more about four new titles joining the series in September.

Looking Ahead

There are so many reasons to be excited about fall! Along with the new Compare and Contrast Books, we release four new stories. Contact us to request a review copy.

Meet the Creators

We sat down with Jennifer Keats Curtis, Julianne Ubigau, and Phyllis Saroff to talk about their upcoming book, Pooper Snooper.

It is inspiring to learn about the great work of these three women. Watch as we discuss writing, science, art, and sharing experiences with young readers. Jennifer, Julianne, and Phyllis would love to meet your patrons, and you can continue this conversation in person or virtually.

To schedule a visit, contact Heather Williams.

Awards Spotlight

Outstanding Science Trade Books, a finalist in the AAAS/Subaru SB&F Prize, and a Story Monsters Approved! It is a great year for awards.

Color Therapy

Kids feeling blue, maybe a little green with envy. Check out our illustrators' coloring pages, sure to brighten anyones day!

Fall for Seasonal Reading

As the weather transitions, so do the stories. This season we highlight titles that have ghostly themes and transitional landscapes. Click the cover to discover your next seasonal read.